Hi! My name is Haley.

I’m a Chicago-based graphic designer, interior stylist, and all-around creative! This is my personal scrapbook of inspirations, obsessions, photographs, projects and travels. You can also connect with me here:

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Stay At Home Club

Stay At Home Club is a web store selling home textiles designed by carefully selected artists and illustrators. Like what you see? Get it here! Inspired by what you see? They’re looking to license one pattern or illustration to go in a set of “mid century manly” handkerchiefs! Submit your work to hello@stayhomeclub.com

Printed pillow case set featuring work by Montreal based artist Ohara Hale. Digitally printed with illustrations of a psychedelic pizza dog surrounded by flowers and an exclamation - "oh shit!" In honour of Ohara's home (and the home of Stay Home Club, awww yeah) the pillow cases are offered in both English and French. 

Printed set of pillow cases featuring work by Australian artist Bei Badgirl. Digitally printed with Bei's original illustration of all things kawaii as fuck: diet coke, mermaid seashells, candy hearts and Lolita inspired heart shaped EVERYTHING!

Canvas patch digitally printed with artwork by Ambird. A truly Stay Home Club appropriate piece: why go out when you can hang out at home with all your stuff? A cat coffee mug, candy, smokes, markers and lots of other goodies make this patch completely awesome. Man, stuff is great.

Canvas patch digitally printed with artwork by Ohara Hale. You thought it ended at doughnut cats and burger cats? Well, evidently you were wrong. Pizza cat is here. PIZZA CAT.

About the Artisits:

Ohara Hale "Ohara Hale is crazy. She is a self taught: artist, illustrator, gigposter maker, childrens book author, director, graphic designer, textile and fashion designer, art director, singer/songerwriter and a randomusician. Dogs make her laugh. Although born in Hollywood to a Japanese artist/model mother and surfer/actor father, she spent her youth dodging tornados in Missouri, her formative years in LA, and now calls le golden Montreal her official hearthome. Hale is prone to bouts of childlike laughter, as evident in her whimsical and colorful illustration style, but the comic nature of her work is decidedly clever, witty, and nuanced. Hale creates a perfect balance between the hilarity of her subject matter and an artist's sophisticated craftsmanship, with a contemporary approach to design and illustration." -OharaHale.com

Ambird "Greetings! My name is Amber Lynn Seegmiller but I go by Ambird. I am an introverted member of the human race living on the planet Earth in the city of Whittier, CA. In my spare time, I like to make things with my hands; little things to remind myself and those around me, that beauty is everywhere and is available for everybody. I understand that people suffer from depression, self doubt, and crippling anxiety and my goal is to reassure them that they are somebody strong and somebody worth loving." -Ambird.com



Tiny Tangerine

Tiny Tangerine's etsy shop is the cutest. I'm looking forward to some winter craftin!


Just Sayin


Knoll Nail Polish: Groovy

I must be doing something right because Knoll’s F12 polish ended up in my hands today! It's named after the second colorway of Dorothy Cosonas's NeoCon Gold award-winning upholstery, Mod Plaid. The color follows Fall's trend towards rich cranberries, wines, and oxbloods in design, fashion, and beauty. The modern graphic plaid was inspired by a combination of traditional plaids and modern patterns from the fashion brand Missoni.


Crucify Your Mind

We had such a lovely weekend in southwest Wisconsin.

I was not stoaked to be back on the C.T.A. this morning.