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DIY: Vibrant Snail Mail Gift Packing

Line the inside of the box with colorful paper. Get creative and try to reuse items from around your house. You can go crazy and make an awesome pre-teen magazine collage or keep it simple with colored paper. 

Wrap up the gifts in a paper or cloth that matches your box lining. 

Remember that the contents of your package will shift around in transit.  Secure loose items with deco tape, string, plastic, cloth or stickers. 

Top the box with stuffing to minimize shifting. Get creative by using colorful packing peanuts, piles of candy, crumpled paper with funny drawings, or clothing.  

I used a heart shaped balloon to keep these gifts in place. I held it down with a candy bar so it wouldn't fly away once the box was opened. I also shipped the box next day to insure the balloon still had some life once it arrived. 

Top the box with a card so it's the first thing your recipient sees. My mom loves to fill greeting cards with glitter. Sometimes it's nice to have a little warning before the contents spill all over your floor. Add some notes to the outside of the package to guide the recipient while opening. 

PICTURED: cafepress.com/someecards

What do you look forward to receiving in the mail?

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...and I am the luckiest of Mothers' !!!

December 11, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjony

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